Current PR Bus Advertising Options

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Big  Lemon, the UK’s first all-electric bus company based in  Brighton. Operating 16 pure electric buses in and around  the Sussex area, the Big Lemon buses are hard to miss  with their bright yellow paint and distinct appearance.

Through our partnership, we have access to all 16 bus  rears, offering a unique and effective platform to  promote your brand. By utilizing targeted QR codes, we  gather valuable data to understand where they are  scanned the most, enabling us to improve our database  and help you better reach your target audience.

We take pride in working with companies that are  committed to sustainability, and our partnership with the  Big Lemon aligns with our values. By partnering with us,  you not only gain access to a high-impact advertising  platform but also contribute to the promotion of a  sustainable future.